The left and its allies have nothing better to do than berate those with whom it disagrees. Make up and report false actions, events and stories against the opposition. Yes, they have in place a double standard when it comes to blame. What the left and its sympathizers do seems to be mostly overlooked.

When a charge is leveled against the opposition, the opposition is guilty with no due process. They condemn the opposition with false stories, flat-out lies and innuendoes. Destroy the opposition at any cost. Even if it destroys America and its freedoms!
jtp 1/7/2021


The dimmies are scrambling to save their political life. But it may be too late.

So many citizens are dissatisfied with the actions of the left's actions. In addition, the left has been exposed making promises they had or have no intention of keeping.

A case of same ole, same ole.

Wih the recent so-called articles of impeachment the dimmies continue the charade and their abuse of the constitution
jtp 8/16/2021


The leftist seeking the democratic presidential nomination have one problem. All the planks in their platform offer nothing positive for the citizens of America.

Mainly the left is concerned with regaining power and crippling America with their plans to raise taxes, add more ridiculius regulations and increasing their wealth. They have already amased millions from those seeking to influence them.

The left wants more at the expense of everyday wirking Americans. How to check this out.

Just compare the state of America before Trump became president. All past heads of state allowed America to become a weak sister to the rest of the world destroying the boobsy enjoyed by American citizens.
jtp 9/9/2019


Day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year the left has only one thing in mind - get rid of the president.

The left's cup is overflowing with innuendos, fabricated stories and outright lies.

Getting to the point, a great many Americans are fed up with the constant deriding of the country and the president.

For those who don't seem to like what America offers, a suggestion - leave the country!

BTW, wasn't there a multitude of hollywood types who said they would leave the country if Trump was elected? Haven't hear of any of them fulfilling there promise, have you?
jtp 8/3/2019

With 20+ leftist candidates, we the citizens, are constantly bombarded with ludicrous leftist ideas that cannot be fulfilled without bankrupting the American democratic system of government.

Instead of coming up with ideas to better life in America they constantly throw out socialist ideas that history has shown are unsustainable.

Never has there been so many lame brains running for president.

It seems when people where lined up for brains, the left thought the announcement said trains so they stepped aside!
jtp 3/22/2019


Whatever happened to the rule of law?

Members of the democratic party seen to not understand what the term illegal means.

This is very troubling when you consider that so many big city politicians (members of the democratic party) stand side by side with illegal immigrants that have been ordered by various courts to be deported.

And it is more so troubling when the newly elected mayor of Chicao, a former prosecutor, does not order the police to assist the federal agency , ICE, from enforsing court orders.
jtp 8/5/2020


Day by day the lid is raised on the real conspiracy. For over two years false reports were made concerning the culpability of the President. All have turned out to be malicious and untrue. Slowly the truth prevails.

Why is it the main stream (national) media for the most part engage in false unverified reports. What ever happened to integrity in journalism? However, it is not just the media, it is democratic politicians who, also, perpetuate the colusion obstruction myth.

As a free thinking society it is difficult to believe all democrats truly believe the leftist propaganda. Those who fall in the non-believer category need to make their voices heard!
jtp 8/4/2020


The liberals in Congress think they have all the answers to America's problems. The trouble is they are more of a hindrance than a solution. The liberals are unble to get over losing the 2016 election. Their only concern is regaining power so they can take advantage of the citizenry. What has happened in the past should not be allowed to happen again.

The voters need to take control and throw all these egotistic, self-centered so-called politicians out of office,

Garbage pick-up is once a week, think about it!
jtp 5/21/2020


Why did a great many members of the democratic party vote for Trump in 2016?

First, the voters were tired of those elected not keeping their promises and the lies they perpetuated on the voters.

Second, Trump offered a change that would improve their lives. Being a business man and not a politician he understood the hows and whys of negotiaing. An area in which his predessors were lacking and weak.
jtp 8/10/2019


Just how many fools are there out in the world?

More than we would like to think about. How many times do we have to read about shootings at a college or high school before we start putting these crazies behind lock and key.

When someone is on medication and stops using it, the signs are usually eratic behavior. But, with the liberal bend of this country, we ignore these warning signs and let the individual continue to move about society instead of placing them in a secure location for their and our protection.
jtp 5/1/2019


There comes a time in any situation when it is time to throw in the towel. Investigation after investigation have come to an end with no collusion or obstruction. There was no crime committed by the president or his campaign Unfortunately we cannot say the same for the opposition.

Pushing beyond ths point will turn out to be extremely detrimental to the left. As it stands now they have lost the 2020 election unless by some miracle things change. The left has dug a hole that appears to be too deept for them to recover.
jtp 8/15/2020


The world must think American left leaning politicians have lost their mind. Instead of working for the citizens the left keeps pushing to remove a duly elected president.

Pushing can only go so far before the people decide to push back and quietly revolt. This occurred recently in Missouri when a local council removed reciting the pledge before each meeting. The council met what has been needed for a long time, the push back. Hopefully, they learned don't like changes that undermine American loyalty and spirit.

Of course there are those who are too weak to stand up for America. Nike is a perfect example. Their action of removing the 'Betsy Ross Flag' sneaker from production will probably cost them more than leaving things as they were.

Show respect for America and quit trying to revise history and traditions!
jtp 2/10/2020


Will the day when people can believe what the so-called journalist of the mainstream media report. Don't hold your breath as it appears not, at least not in the foreseeable future.

The biggest problem with the mainstream media is they present their opinions as fact when they are unable or unwilling to verify their conclusions. What is known as fake news. More exactly the left's pronouncements are outright lies which could be considered defamation of character, commonly known as slander.

Stopping the fake news it seems will have to be done through the courts. A move that will put a dent in their finances, as they have done to others, and will get their attention. After a few cases we may see some major changes in the reporting by the mainstream media.
jtp 9/7/2019


Push, push, push will only end with an overwhelming push back.

The voters are getting tired of the recurring attemps to remove a duly elected president.

The leftist democrats jump from one crisis to another. All along none of the conspiracies are based on any evidence of wrongdoing.

The conspiacies are simply figments of the left's imagination.

The leftist need to come back to earth, shed their leftist ideas and work for the voters as the president is doing.
jtp 9/30/2019


When a program doesn't work it is generally abandoned.

Yet, there are a number of story tellers (who think they are journalist) and story telling politicians that continually push a socialist agenda when history has proven over and over again socialism DOES NOT WORK.
jtp 3/17/2020


You would think with all the negative news that has failed the socialist democrats would return to a normal agenda. Normal in the fact they would consider bringing forth positive ideas to benefit the citizenry.

However, that's a dream as the socialist don't care about the people. They only want to regain power no matter what the cost is to the citizens of America.

So far their surreptitious activities only accomplishment has put them in a downward spiral.

Check the real, proper executed polls and you will find a majority of the people are getting fed up with the left's action.
jtp 9/30/2019


We live in a age of treachery. Trust has been thrown out the window. If the left continues pursuing its present course, America will be a third-world country far behind the rest of the civilized world.

Is this what you, as an American wish to leave your children and grand-children? Should you have doubts about the results of the socialist agenda, then check out the condition in Venezuela.

After that get out your history books and study the results of past socialist regimes. The only ones that hold on to power did so by crushing decent, imprisoning or killing the opposition and maintaining concentration camps.

If you still have doubts check out life in China, North Korea and other socialist countries.
jtp 3/20/2019

Believe it or not, it is great to see a man as president who trully cares about Americans. He, also keeps his campaign promises when not being obstructed by the radical socialist left. You know those selfish individuals who only seek to regain power over the people.

He is not your typical politician who really only cares about increasing their and their families wealth.
jtp 3/10/2019

Whatever the president does, the leftist condemn. Having a military presence and a fly over for the Fourth of July parade in DC would be okay if the president were a democrat. Just look at how many democratic controlled cities have fly overs, etc.

But being a republican it is an abuse of power and any other excuse the left can come up with.

But, believe me the world takes notice.

America is not your mother nor your piggy bank, World! Stand up for yourselves.
jtp 7/14/2019


The Mueller report should have been released early in 2018. Mueller, himself, is said to have told a colleague around that time, he did not find any collusion or obstruction by Trump or his campaign. Why then was the released delayed?

A possible underlying reason for the delay. To allow the left to recapture a majority in the House because there was doubt about collusion and obstruction in the minds of many people. It appears the left has no scruples.
jtp 3/16/2019

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