Today's leftist politicians are hell bent on distorting education's main purpose - a well rounded education including reading, writing and arithmetic along with history and sience!

They have corrupted public public education to the point children are NOT learning the knowledge and skills needed to survive.

One asks? What schools to these extreme left politician's children attend - private or publict!
jtp 9/17/2017


Why is the US government allowing china to gobble up land near military bases when America cannot buy land in china?

These so-called companies making the purchases are fronts for the chinese communist party are supposedly technical in nature. Technical to the point of spying on America's military installations.

It is time to contact your representtives and senators and tell them to quit being weak in the face of an adversary that is hell bent on the degradation of life in America.
jtp 9/17/2017


Colleges and universities need to do a better job of vetting applicants for teaching positions. There are far too many left leaning instructors and professors teaching in many higher education institutions.

Their leftist teachings are tearing apart the very fabric of America and the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.

If colleges and universities have left leaning administrators, they need to be removed

Get out from under your cloak of socialism/communism and wake up to the world before you destroy the people's freedoms!
jtp 9/13/2022


Imagination has been driven out of children's thinking by today's teachings and the movie industry.

Today teaching has become so radicalized it is not recognizable. Education teaches hatred, not compassion.

Movies have become so explicit, they leave nothing to one's imagination. The violence depicted on the screen influences impressionable young minds.

These actions are the result liberal anti-society theology in America's education system.

Is there a solution to the loberal's mania?

There is:
1. It requires reversing years of liberal theology.

2. It requires returning to compationate teaching using the basics of the 3rs.

3. It requires respect for one another.
jtp 9/13/2022


If anything in life can go wrong it is usually from the actions of the radical politicians. Programs and laws Congress passes in many instances are filled with too many additions and/or adjustments from members of Congress who will not support the bill unless they get their pound of flesh.

The attitude one sees in Congress is stickly for the members, often with lottle or no concern for the populace.

Members of Congress figure the voters won't remember the election promices made but soon forgotten. (It happens every two years!).

What is needed is an independent watchdog that keeps track of the bills presented before passage.

Reviews of the possible unintended consequences need to be done along with checking the bill does not contain provisions for payments to the politician's benefactor.

A watchdog that, hopefully would catch the unintended consequances of a bill. An example is the bill that was passed to aid small businesses stay afloat. However, universities and large corporations benefitted with millions in grants.

The small busiesses for whom the bill was suppose to aid, got very liittle!

The people need to get involved and need to remember the forgotten promises from the past.
jtp 4/22/2022


When one studies history it must be done in the context of the period being studied not according to present thought.

Studying history also provides a roadmap of the pitfalls to avoid as life moves forward. In other words if you "don't study history" you are bound to repeat it.
jtp 9/13/2017


Life has its ups and downs
Loaded with smiles and frouns

The sunshines, the moon glows
There's happiness and woes

Life today, life tomorrow
Filled with happiness and sorrow

Life is like a Merry-Go-Round!
jtp 9/15/2022


You cannot ask someone to move forward when they are unable to determine how to take the first step!
jtp 9/16/2022


The political agenda of the liberal left has nothing to do with or for the people of America. It has to do with power over the people and money.

1. How many politicians have become very rich after being eleected to office?

2. How many of them want equality for the people of America?

3. How many citizens get full retirement after being in office for a short time like politicans do?

Change is need in America's political system so elected officials cannot take extra ordinary advantage of their position!
jtp 9/10/2022

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