Raid, Raid, Raid
A political charade

No reasonable cause
It's time for a pause

Never before such a brazen attack
A political stunt, that's a fact

Their egos are fed
What more can be said
jtp 9/10/2022


The image of the documents on the floor after the Mar-a-Lago raid appear to be staged. It is an attempt to convince the publoc that Trump was careless in securing his Presidential documents!

Never have I seen documnets scattered on the floor in such a neat manner. There usually are a few documents out of place!

And prior to the raid, on or about June 3, 2022 the Tump team was asked to secure the room where the douments were kept by putting a lock on the door, which they did.

In addition, the Archives people and the FBI were told whatever documentss they want, they can have them, just ask!

This was another attempt by the administration and its cronies to change public opimion about Trump.

jtp 9/9/2021


We sit and wonder
Life has gone asunder

One hears political speak
The people want to freak

They're weak and unqualified
The voters are not satisfied

Time is here to stand up
Tell the leftist to shut up

NO, to control by the deep ste
Make changes before it's too late
jtp 9/13/2022


The outrageous idea has come home to roost!

Sanctuary cities are now calling foul due to the influx of illegal immigrants bused from Texas.

Why are they complaining? It was their policy of being a sanctuary city to invite criminals and illegals to their city to avoid arrest and prosecution.

Live with it as Texas and Arizona have been trying to do for last 18 months.

Unhappy? Contact your representatives and senators and command then to confront the biden administration and get the president to enforse the immigration laws
jtp 9/10/2022


When it comes to blame those who are guilty attempt to shift the blame to others and deny any responsibility.

What a shame politicians cannot accept fault for their actions, but try to shift blame to the opposition.

The current administration is placing the blame for the left's failed actions on the MAGA Republicans, claiming they are anti-democratic domestic terrorist.

The MAGA Republicans had nothing to do with the current administration's failed actions. In fact they were opposed to all the left's actions!

It is a typical political move hoping to gain support for their failed. irresponsible actions. Don't let it happen.
jtp 9/12/2022


The riots in the summer of 2020 are a perfect example of the inaction of these radical politicians.

A major part of the blame can be laid at the doorsteps of the dimmycrat mayors and governors and their totalitarion unfounded illegal mandates and lockdowns for not calling up the national guard..

If the people aren't vigilant they will continue to suffer under the illegal actions of the dimmycrat politicians.
jtp 9/10/2022


Taking unlawful action
Leads to the people's reaction

It is time to stop
Before the country does pop

Elections are near
It is time to clear the air
jtp 9/15/2022


Fabrications and lies
Are on the rise

Leftist politicians
Trying to be magicians

The people aren't fooled
The left meeds to be schooled

Trying to trick the voters
Leftist are just racing their motors
jtp 9/15/2022


They constantly troll
For power and control

Playing a role is their game
They have no shame

Words from the left
Fall on ears that are deaf

The people be damned
The leftist need to be slammed
jtp 9/10/2022


A thought,

Perish the thought

Lost the thought.

What was I thinking anyway?

Oh, well, let us just say the political scene today is not any different than it was a few years ago (actually since the beginning of time). "Lets not be concerned with the citizenry, after all, they only vote for us, they do not control us." Sound familiar, well it should, as it is what is in most politicians minds.

That is right we, the citizenry vote for, but we do not control the politicians. But, if you are wealthy beyond means or have enormous power due to your wealth, you can command a politicians attention and usually get it. Too too bad - a country as great as America and we can't get an even shake!

Boy, (or buoy - yea, lets send them out to sea), what can we see?
jtp 9/13/2016


We see the lies
In their eyes

False stories they spout
Hoping we don't find out

A close look does reveal
The secrets they try to conceal

The truth is exposed
No longer can you take the crooked road
jtp 9/13/2022

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