The political scene today is filled with extremely biased individuals

Individuals who seem unable to speak or write the truth.

These biased individuals are on a destructive road wih their deceptive and fallacious pronouncements.

They do not present the news, they present biased opinions.
jtp 6/23/2021


A professor of statistics once made the statement "Polls don't lie, pollsters do."

Putting it another way concerning the current over kill with all the political polls one is bombarded with one must check sources and methodology!

Really, makes you wonder, doesn't it!
jtp 1/18/2022

Freedom Is In Your Hands

The liberal left today seems to prefer operating without any common sense. And the citizens seem to be, either to ignorant of this or just don't give a damn!

Well, the citizenry better wake up quickly or they will be under the thumb of a bunch of uncaring liberals. You know those people who are more concerned with themselves and gaining power than with the betterment of the citizens and the common good.

The election is only a few days away. Don't give up your freedoms by voting for the extreme leftist liberals. You can't believe their promises.
jtp 10/13/2020


As the leftist/communist policies are seeing more light the people are able to understand the extent of the leftist/communist conspriacy to destroy America.

Their false fabrications and illegal mandates were put in place to control government and the people.

It appears the conspiracy went all the way to the top.

Action needs to be taken to prevent these types of unlawful actions from every occurring again
jtp 3/21/2022


Today's mainstream media journalist better wake up to reality for as democracy is dustroyed so will a free press be gone.

Quit fabricating stories to fit the leftist/communist agenda.

jtp 9/13/2021

The Campaign of Hatred!

Hatred is a destructive emotion. This is due to the mass media not acting like true journalist, but acting like gossip columnist.

How many times has the media been found reporting outright lies as if it were really the news? No matter how many times they have been caught fabricating stories and lying to the people the media continues on this path to destroy America and the freedoms, we as members of society enjoy,

The liberal politicians, who want to control America (and probably the world) love the biased media. A media that is so filled with hate, it ignores the consequences of their action.

The media along with the liberal politicians want to destroy America's freedons by breeding hatred.

"Let's break-up families."
"Let's get people to hate each other,"
even if they are from the same background.

Distrust creates the opportuunity for the liberals to take control!

This is not the path to equality for all!
jtp 6/17/2021

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