One wonders how long must America endure the failures of the biden administration?

The so-called leaders continually propose and pass legislation that only exacerbates the problems Americans are forced to endure due to wrong thinking, power hungry officials..

What is it going to take to get America back on track?

ANSWER: Complete removal of all the liberal leftist and their radical thinking.
jtp 8/30/2022


People make mistakes. Today however it seems people co not want to tak responsibility for their miskakes.

This side-stepping of one's mistakes (actions) flow from the left leaning liberal leaders of America and tricles down to everyday individuals.
jtp 7/10/2022


Are you tired of the leftist liberal's political babble?

If so, contact your representative and senatorand tell them to get back to the business of governing and quick the continuous falsehoods and outright lies!
jtp 7/1/32022


America's Constitutional Republic was created with "Individual Freedom" as its primary feature.

The founding fathers did not want the new "FREE" country to suffer under the dictatorial rule of the royals or any other rule that stiffled individual freedoms.

They wanted people to be able to freely make individual decisions. This was paramount in the creation of America's Constitutional Republis.

There are many safeguards that make it difficult to change the Constition. Adding an amendment is a slow and tediuos process purposely set up to prevent quick and often unlawful changes to the constitution.

America needs to keep a close eye on the politicians who are constantly trying to subvert the consititon.

Be alert America to these liberal extremist who constantly attempt to destroy America's freedoms under the consitition. Their attempts are filled with false naratives and lies.
jtp 7/7/2022


Education today is a failure!

The one good point is people are finally beginning to wake up to how far education in America has disintegrated.

The education of the young needs to return to the values of a free society. Reading, writing and arithmetic alongwith a thorugh study of history needs to be returned to the classroom.

As part of the cirriculum "free thinking" needs to be a big part of the system. In other words the students need to be taught "how" to think not what to think!
jtp 7/7/2022


Never did I ever imagine America would have a president who is worse than jimmy carter, but I was wrong.

Today, America has a president in biden who is multiple times worse than jimmy carter.
jtp 7/13/2022


Don't tell m about the proof you clain to have. SHOW me the proof!

If you don't have the proof then crawl in a corner and SHUT your trap!

People are tired of your false innuendos and gross fabrications.
jtp 7/13/2022


The so-called leftist who believe socialism is the path America should take need to do two things.

1. Study the complete history of socialism.
2. Visit a soicalist country for an extended period of time to see the full effects on the population.

If done honestly these two actions will likely open your eye to the disasterous effects on one's personal and a country's freedoms.
jtp 7/4/2022


If you have a brain, which I doubt, you would look at the historic and scientific data concerning the climate and its possible changes.

You would see the climate has changed very little over the past 150 years.

Next you need to study the efficiency of renewable energy and its potential to maintain power as needed for a country like America. If properly done, you will find reneweable energy is not that dependable!

In other words renewable energy is not sufficient enough by itself to provide the energy necessary to keep America running 24/7 with uninterrupted power.
jtp 6/28/2022

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