Get out and protest the liberal left's fabrications and deliberate lies which is the left's propagamda tool.

Carry placards and banners and peacefully protest their actions.

Tell them our children are more important than their political agenda.
jtp 7/10/2022

Studies have recently shown renewable energy cannot carry the load of maintaining a constant stream of power.

Science needs to advance a great degree before renewable energy can come close to filling the bill of providing the energy necessary for America to survive.

CONCLUSION: Liberals have to get off their dead ass, check the scientific research and embrase the combined use of fossil fuels and the little renewable energy can provide to avoid a major crisis in America!
jtp 7/11/2022


Never have I seem so many so-called intellegent people with little or no common sense as I have seen in the biden administration.

Either that or they are outright fabricators of falsehoods and lies for they do not present all the facts on their administrative policies.
jtp 6/22/2022


One failure ater another, It doesn't matter to the liberal left socialist. It is what they want.

As the failures add up the people are suffering from very high inflation, high energy cost, open border policy and illegal mandates. The result empty shelves with drastic shortages of baby formula and who knows what's next?

And what does the puppet president do? NOTHING! He thinks everything is okey dokey.

How can anyone think he is doing his job, protecting and providing for America?
jtp 6/21/2022


Freedom encourages innovation.

Supression discourages innovaion.

A free country allows for independent research and thinking that provides innovative advances to benefit members of the free society.

You don’t see many advances or innovations in a closed society. They have to use a spy system to get the advances a free society has developed.

A perfect example is the passing of Americas atomic secrets to the russians in 1951 by a couple stating they thought it was necessary for both to have atomic knowledge.

This was a false premise considering America is not an aggressive nation. It was either ideology (which is doubtful) or it was money.

Remember it is a free society that encourages independent research and thinking!
jtp 7/24/2022


Today's crop of leftist politicians are the most inept I have ever seen. Either that or they are just plain stupid!

They are a bunch of "do nothng" polititcians instead of being concerned about the well-being of their constituents.

Their inaction brings to mind the old saying:
"You can fool some of the people all the time
All of the people some of the time
But you can't fool all of the people all of the time"
jtp 7/23/2022


The green new deal (deal) is a false promise to America. It has little to do with the climate. It has a lot to do with political power.

The real purpose behind the deal is to turn America into a socialist/communist style country.

The cost of implementing any climate regulatory laws would devestate the poor and low income families.

The other problem with the deal is their facts are false and misleading so as to frighten the population. One only needs to research the changes in the climate over the past 100 plus years to see the change is negligible (less than 0.175°C). Not even a quarter percent!

Weather (the climate) changes year over year. We have hot summers. We have mild summers. We have cold winters. We have mild winters. Check the facts!

If you think implementing the deal would work for the people, check out Germany's implementation. It resulted in outrageous cost and excessive pollution.

Renewable energy simply stated is unreliable!
jtp 6/19/2022

Recent scientific studies on polution show that the least amount of pollution comes from nuclear reactor power plants.

Wind and solar, while less than non-renewable sources of energy, are not as clean or reliable. No wind and cloudy days inhibit wind and solar sources from producing suffcient power!

At this time, what is needed, is a combination of power sources not dependence of the so-called green new deal alone.
jtp 6/19/2022


When is the leftist extremist going to wake up and realize the constant barrage of fabrications and outright lies don't work?

A majority of the people are not as stupid as to believe the spoutings of the radical left
jtp 7/10/2022


Saikat Chakrabarti, former Chief of Staff for AOC, commented concerning the bbb Act stated "{I}t wasn't originally a climate thing at all . . . we really think of it as a how do you change the entire ecomony thing.

Is this what America wants? People who hide and/or mask their true intent in proposing and passing legislation!
jtp 6/17/2022


The cost of fully implementing the green new deal (deal), a trully unworkable proposal, would bankrupt America!

We do not need these lunatics telling us how to provide the energy needed for a thriving economy.

But one thing we know is that implementing the deal alone cannot provide the energy needed constantly!

The promoters (lunativs) of the deal fail misably in details, such as cloudy days and/or little or no wind.

Solar and wind energy depend on the weather, therefore they are not a dependable nor sustainable source of energy.

jtp 6/20/2022

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