What does the biden administration think the people are stupid. Those who think this way need to take a look in a mirror to see the image of who is really stupid.

Begging foreign advisaries to increase their gas and oil production is pure stupidity. Foreign leaders are laughing in biden's face.

The inept leader of America and his puppet masters need to get off their dead asses and get going on re-opening the XL pipeline, get off the backs of the gas and oil companies and allow more fossil energy exploration on federal land .

America has known natural resources to last something like 400 years, not counting on what will be discovered from future exploration!

The blame game does not work, especially when most of what America needs in energy is readily available in America.

Blaming others for the disasters biden himself has creaated needs to end. And he has to take responsibility for his disasterous actions and apologize to America!
jtp 7/19/2022


Oregon's making drug use a misdemeanor is not an experiment as they say, it is outright murder of the young.

Scientific research has shown marijuana use eventually leads to stronger and stronger drug usage.
jtp 6/2/2022


How many fictionlal reports and lies do we have to hear from the radical left before we, the people, take action and remove these incompetent indivudals from political office.

The job of government officials is to protect and improve the lives of their constituents, not destory their lives.
jtp 6/1/2022


The leftist/communist politicians known as the democratic party are masking their socialist ideals under the "Green New Deal" climate facade.

The green new deal has been around since FDR and it has taken vaious shapes, but none as radical as today's version.

In reality the real goal is to create a socialist/communist style governemnt in America. One in which the so-called democratic leaders have complete control over the population.

The leftist are not following the Constitution because that would prevent them from making drastic changes to the way America's Constitutional government works. The process is intentionally a slow and tedious one.

It is an outragous attempt to change life in America.
jtp 6/13/2022


Each day we see more and more erpsiun of America's freedoms. Most, if not all, are illegal. Why is the government allowing this to happen.

Simple, the leaders of the current administration are in the pocket of foreign advesaries.

Little by little the truth is emerging. It points directly to the leader of the biden administration

There is little doubt that the president knew all about his son's involvement with enemy nations and that he profited from it.

From day one the president has been destroying America and her freedoms

It is also clear his faculties have diminished to the point he is incapable of leading. The question is - "Who is pulling the strings of the puppet president?"
jtp 5/11/2022


What's the latest on the front - the political front, the news front, the moral front (you know). It seems we are in for more painstaking news and views - aren't the spin doctors happy?

Of course, if it wasn't for the idiocy of the media, there would be little in the way of news?

Really, we have sports (whoopee dee) and talk shows (big whoopee dee) and dumb, ignorant and stupid sit coms. Gee, life couldn't be better, look at what the media and politicians and industry leaders are feeding us - GARBAGE!

It is totally disgusting!

Most Americans are lax in their duties to remove, by protest or other means, the crap we have to put up with on television, the news media and the political scene

Wake up America and get your ass in gear. It's going to be a long haul getting the rights that have been trampled on back again.

Election is coming soon, Be prepared to vote the current leftist administration cronies out of office!
jtp 5//10/2022


Never have I seem so many so-called intellegent people with little or no common sense as I have seen in the biden administration.

Either that or they are outright fabricators of falsehoods and lies for they do not present all the facts on their administrative policies.
jtp 6/22/2022


The news media is lax in reporting the real problems Americans face like shortages of food products and baby formula. There are many more failures of the biden administration the news medea should be reporting on, but don't.

The news media needs to get off the liberal bandwagon and begin reporting the true conditions facing the people in their day to day living!
jtp 5/31/2022


Are ypu as tired as I am hearing the lies about the origin of the so-called Covert-19 pamdemic?

Historicallt, pamdemics have been named after the area where the virus was first encountered. It is time to do just that and quit kissing China's ass.

Investigations have shown the origin of virus to be the Wuhan lab in China which means the correct name for the virus is the "Wuhan Virus."
jtp 5/28/2022

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