Power and positions of authorith often lead to an abuse of indivdual rights as outlined in the Constitution.

Currently there are a number of lawsuits against various sectors of the government that will bring various rulings.

The culmination of these rulings will often lead to many of them individually or being combinded and headed for the Supreme Court.
jtp 5/22/2022


Today people are disconnted, a result of technology primarily the cell phone. Nothin has split the family unit as has the cell phone.

Even the invention of television did not create such a schism in the family, let alone the entire population. The television actually brought families together.

Families seldom do anything together without utilizing cell phones. There is little to no associative benefits from cell phones.

There is little to no face to face conversations.

It is no wonder there is violence, few have learned the real meaning of life.
jtp 8/13/2019


Can't wait for the next chapter of the "Destroy Trump" lunacy. The dummycrats never seem to finish one chapter before jumping to another. Now it's Kavanaugh, where the release of a letter by finestein is timed to disrupt his confirmation, Yahoo and others are already predicting Kavanaugh's doiwnfall. What a shame that the political scene has become such a hate monger.
jtp 7/5/2019


Legalized marijuana is growing in America not because it benefits the user but because it benefits the politicians who are constantly seeking new sources of income no matter the effect on the population.

The leftist push for more legalization of marijuana shows:

  • Total disregard for the people
  • Absense of fiscal responsibility

Any type of drug usage leads to more use eventually leading to more powerful drugs often with dire consequences
jtp 5/10/2022


In the past it didn't matter which party a politician belonged to, they basically followed the same path. Make a promise, but don't worry people will probably forget what the promise was.

Well now we have a president who is keeping his promises, though the left tries to stop him.

They disparage him, they condemn him, but the can't stop him. Many in congress work against him.

When the president sees deplorable conditions he speaks out. The only reply the opposition comes up with is "he is a racist".

The truth is, the president is working for all the peole, not just a few of the elites.

It would be interesting to know where the government money, that was earmarked to help the desolate areas, went.

It sounds like a lot of hanky panky was involved in the handling of the funds.


What ever happened to real journalist? You kniw those who sought all the facts on a story before reporting their findings.

Today there is more opinionated narratives than actual facts (true facts!).

What is worse is when these false narratives are uncovered the guilty ones don't even have the fortitude to apologize.

Even when a fabricated story wins a Pulitzer Prize that is later found to be false the prize is not taken back. What does this tell young journalist - you can get away with fabricating a story.

The worse part is it reinforces leftist actions that it doesn't matter if the facts are false as long as the people believe story is true.
jtp 5/22/2022


There are a lot of so-called news stories coming from the mainstream media which are extreme left in their reporting. In checking some of their storesit tirns out they are either false, inaccurate or taken out of context. Whatever happen to journalist (if you can call them that) checking the sources? It is disgusting to see news manipulaed in such a manner as to give people the wrong impression.

With today's media believe nothing of what you hear and 10% (if even that much) of what you read.
jtp 8/3/2019


The world must think American left leaning politicians have lost their mind. Instead of working for the citizens the left keeps pushing to remove a duly elected president.

Pushing can only go so far before the people decide to push back and quietly revolt. This occurred recently in Missouri when a local council removed reciting the pledge before each meeting. The council met what has been needed for a long time, the push back. Hopefully, they learned don't like changes that undermine American loyalty and spirit.

Of course there are those who are too weak to stand up for America. Nike is a perfect example. Their action of removing the 'Betsy Ross Flag' sneaker from production will probably cost them more than leaving things as they were.

Show respect for America and quit trying to revise history and traditions!
jtp 2/10/2019


There are many narratives from the biden administration that are not only outright lies, but often break Constitutional law.

One example is the excuses for inflation from big business to putin's action in Ukraine. These are outright lies also known as false narratives which are really opinions that are not based on fact.

It is the actions of the biden administration from day one that have caused all the problems Americans face today.
jtp 5/22/2022


The past administrations were run by do-little politicians.

Do just enough to appease the voters and keep them off the politicians backs while the politicians do all they can to increase their and their families wealth.

Many were pawns of foreign governments, accepting kick backs to further the foreign governemtns agenda.

Little was done for the citizens of America.

These do-little politicians desemated the American workforce by not standing up against the foreign intrest and allowing companies to move to foreign lands all in the interest of greater profits.

If American citizens are unemploued who is going to have the money to purchase the goods produced by cheap foreign labor.

The current administration has a different view - fair and equitable trade on a level playing field.
jtp 9/13/2019

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